News 25 August 2016
Author: Seth P

Top Champions League clubs to form a new Super League?

25 August 2016

Football has increasingly become more of a business and less of a sport, as we’re sure any self-respecting Arsenal fan would tell you the same. With bidding wars for broadcasting rights reaching eye watering amounts, this doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon.

Our very own Premier League’s new TV deal is worth an estimated £9 billion. The club who finishes bottom of the EPL will get around £97 million, while in comparison Real Madrid only took home £81 Million for WINNING the Champions League.

Now the Champions League is supposed to be a collective of the best football clubs in the world, so it doesn’t make sense for the winner of such a prestigious competition to be earning the same money as QPR does it? So it’s not hard to see why top Champions League clubs are rather annoyed by this disparity.

One rumoured idea is that these top clubs should break away and form a “Super League” which will mean that they will have the power to ensure that they can rake in the top broadcasting fees and would most certainly spell the end of the Champions League as we know it.

However, top UEFA presidential candidate Alexander Ceferin says that this split is out of the question and could potentially mean “war” between UEFA and the clubs.

The UEFA presidential election is next month and the promise of securing better broadcasting fees will certainly be one of the main features of many of the candidate’s manifestos.