News 1 June 2019

Instagram model invades pitch at the Champions League Final

1 June 2019

An Instagram model invaded the pitch at the Champions League Final and caused chaos in what is thought to be a YouTube prank.

Twenty minutes into the final, Kinsey Wolanski ran onto the pitch in a bodysuit which had Vitaly Uncensored written across the fabric. Vitaly Uncensored is owned by Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, a Russian socialite who himself invaded the pitch at the 2014 World Cup Final. Vitaly streaked across the pitch and was escorted off by security. Vitaly Uncensored is one of the most popular pornographic and X-rated websites on the internet.

Kinsey Wolanski was quickly escorted off of the pitch by stewards but the stunt has added thousands of followers to her already popular profile which boasted over 300,000 Instagram followers before the stunt. Kinsey now has over 750,000 and the number is rising steadily.

Check out a recent post from Kinsey’s Instagram below.

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My goal is to build a life I don’t need a vacation from ❤️

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The match continued and ended in Liverpool’s favour with the team winning their sixth European trophy after beating Tottenham 2-0.

Mohamed Salah scored a penalty in the second minute of the game which pushed the Reds into the lead which they would cling onto for the remainder of the match.

On the win, Jurgen Klopp, manager for Liverpool FC, said, “I’m so happy for the boys, for my family they suffer every year when we go to a final last game and we lose it they deserved it more than anybody they are so supportive. We tried a lot of times, it’s important not to give up and improve. This little mark helps a lot. We can carry on. Our owners never put pressure on us they are supporting. To John and Mike, it’s brilliant. 20 minutes after the game I will be already half-pissed”.

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