News 2 February 2023
Author: Niall Smith

Channel 4 Unveils New UK Rap Mockumentary ‘Dropped’

2 February 2023

Channel 4 has announced a fresh new rap comedy show titled Dropped.

The mockumentary-style series is slated to land on their YouTube channel, 4 Comedy. Dropped follows east London rap crew ATM, as they deal with the daily trials and tribulations of the music business.

With five episodes in the current pipeline, the show is expected to immerse viewers in the ATM journey and their career origins.

“Everything about the making of Dropped has been both intentional and authentic — from the amazing creatives and crew having first-hand experience in the music industry and cast members coming from the battle rap scene to the black-owned brands our characters are dressed in, says Tobi Kyeremateng, Dropped‘s producer. “It’s a truly unique show to have worked on. I’m excited for everyone to meet ATM and be fully immersed in their world.”

Although we’ll have to wait for the show’s debut, expect cameos from some of the UK’s brightest stars including Zeze Millz and Victor Kunda, as well as a soundtrack curated by Rude Kid.

Written by Justin Smith Uzomba – formerly known as rapper Mikill Pane – Dropped aims to fuse comedy with hard-hitting, relatable industry drama.

Channel 4’s Commissioner Charlie Hyland said: “Channel 4’s digital content is defined by its ability to play with form, encapsulate youth culture and showcase a calibre of new and upcoming talent”.

Episode one will debut next week on February 8th.