Videos 30 August 2019
Author: Olivia West

Che Lingo Shares Visuals For Latest Drop “Meme Rap”

Author Olivia West
30 August 2019

Che Lingo has dropped the visuals for his new offering “Meme Rap” featuring Yondo on production.

Taking to the streets of London, he incorporates a melodic hip-hop beat to discuss meme/viral culture. Che Lingo takes the time in this track to carefully consider his position as an artist when facing the virally famous rappers that have the “same steps, different shoes”.

In the description of the video, he says: “I see and hear people complain all the time about meme/viral stars being bigger and getting more recognition than credible, hard-working, talented artists and overall being more celebrated.

“I enjoy the internet and a lot of its content including all the meme stuff. I just won’t and can’t let it affect or change ME into what I’m not”. 

Watch the full visuals above.