News 26 April 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Chelsea, West Ham & Newcastle are being investigated for corruption

Author Trudy Barry
26 April 2017

An investigation into corruption in football gained momentum today with two raids and a police probe into three Premier League clubs.

West Ham and newly promoted Newcastle were both raided today in connection to a tax probe relating to French Team Marseille.

CCTV footage shows officers removing bin bags full of documents from West Ham’s London Stadium. Lee Charnley, Newcastle’s managing director and right hand man to the club’s owner Mike Ashley, was arrested on the scene.

Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge home was not raided, but has officer’s have made an official request for information relating to the investigation. Chelsea have said they are “co-operating fully” with police.

Four football agents have been arrested in France as part of the investigation, which is said to be based around £5 million worth of tax fraud relating to player transfers.

We wonder what this will do for Newcastle’s newly promoted status?