News Style 5 October 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

Chicken Connoisseur gets his own Channel 4 TV series

5 October 2017

The Chicken Connoisseur already revealed a new series of his online show Pengest Munch is on the way, but he’s made an even bigger announcement this week.

He’s set to host his own TV series on Channel 4, dubbed The Peng Life, which will find him trying out food, fashion and more, comparing “elite” and “street” versions of the same item.

Confirming the show, the Connoisseur – real name Elijah Quashie – said, “On YouTube I do the chicken ting, but now on Channel 4 I’m reviewing everything. The cheapest stuff to the most expensive stuff. Basically the deadest stuff you’ll ever find to the most expensive, baller status stuff. I’ll see if it’s worth the moolah. Hold tight.”

Becky Cadman, Channel 4’s factual entertainment commissioner, added, “We’re here to develop ideas with exciting, raw British talent and Elijah has shown these qualities in bucketloads. We could not pass on the chance to bring his captivating presence to TV.”

While congratulations are due to the Chicken Connoisseur, fans will have to wait to find out when they can start watching The Peng Life.

Don’t forget that he’s nominated at this year’s Rated Awards for Best Personality; vote for him here.