News Spotlight 12 December 2017
Author: Aaron Rattu

Chip & Bugzy Malone finally squash their 2 year beef

Author Aaron Rattu
12 December 2017

After over two years, it seems as if Chip and Bugzy Malone have finally put an end to their beef.

Both Chip and Bugzy took to their Instagram accounts to share a picture, showing them both together at Giggs’ Christmas dinner, which also held capacity to other fellow industry men such as Mostack and Michael Dappah, in celebration of the festive season.

This comes after a long feud, which began way back in 2015; a beef which presented a number of tracks being sent back and forth between the artists in what, at the time was an intensely bitter rap beef.

Since then, not much had been said, however it appeared that there was still bad blood between the two. Another video also emerged, confirming that the two rappers were in fact together and have decided to put their differences aside under none other than the legendary Hollowman’s roof.

However, since the beef ended, both artists went under the radar, placing more focus on their music, ultimately proving that diverting negative energy into something more productive is far more worthy.

For those thinking the @officialchip & @thebugzymalone photo is fake… 0161 x CM

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