News 1 May 2019

Chip Hints At Ultimate ‘Best of London’ Clash

1 May 2019

After days of debates on Twitter, Chip has hinted at a possible event to end the discussion regarding which London area has the best MCs – north, east, south or west?

Chip took to Twitter to announce that he and Maximum are planning on putting on a set to showcase talent from the capital.

“Me and @maximumbbk are planning a set”, he wrote.

“All my MC’s NORTH, EAST, SOUTH, WEST welcome. Fun vibes. Keep the spirit alive”.

Chip’s tweet comes just days after he stated north London has the “coldest spitters” and since then, rappers and music lovers from all over have responded to his claim by tweeting which area they believe has the best rappers.

Among those who have put on for their ends is Konan, Young Adz, Youngs Teflon and more with Konan tweeting “South London will forever hold the crown”.

While we wait for more information on Chip and DJ Maximum’s set, let us know which area you’re backing.