News 19 September 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

This Former Tottenham Player has been convicted of drug posession

Author Marisa Lee
19 September 2016

Former Tottenham Hotspur player Chris Armstrong has been convicted and fined for being in possession of cocaine, weed and ecstasy after a police raid in Kensington, London. 

Police found the 45-year-old ex-striker with three stashes of the drugs back in July. He pled guilty for possession charges and was fined £374 at Hammersmith Magistrates’ court.

Despite being found with three different drugs, Armstrong told The Sun, “I don’t have a drug problem.”

His mates seem to disagree though, with sources close to Armstrong telling The Sun he’s been using drugs since he stopped playing football in 2005. One said, “Cannabis use often leads to harder drugs and that seems to have been the case for Chris, which is a real shame. Nowadays he looks a shadow of his former self. He is much thinner than he was and is very withdrawn.”

Armstrong was Tottenham’s most expensive signing ever when he joined the team in 1995 for £4.5 million, but before that he broke a very different record in the same year as the first player in the Premier League to ever fail a drug test. After testing positive for cannabis consumption he had to go to a short rehab programme, but returned to his then-team, Crystal Palace, soon after.

The source added, “Chris’ court appearance has been a wake-up call. The people who genuinely care about him hope he can get back on the straight and narrow, rather than continue down this dangerous path.”