News 30 August 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

Chris Brown caught in stand-off with police outside his own yard

Author Marisa Lee
30 August 2016

On Tuesday morning Chris Brown woke up to find his home surrounded by the Los Angeles Police, after he allegedly threatened a woman with a gun.

LAPD sources told the Los Angeles Times that officers responded to an emergency call at 3am from a woman needing help from inside Brown’s $4m mansion in Tarzana.

The woman claimed that Brown angrily pointed a gun at her, leading her to run outside and call the police.

Officers tried to enter his mansion, but were stopped and told to come back with a search warrant to get into the property in order to find the weapon. An officer at the scene told reporters that the “residents” of the house had been “uncooperative”, so the search warrant was needed. A spokesman from the LAPD told The Independent that officers from the Robbery-Homicide Division are now dealing with the incident.

Chris Brown posted a video on Instagram after the event, complaining about the hassle. He said he’d been “asleep half the damn night” and seemed pissed off to wake up to find “all these motherf*cking helicopters, choppers around, police out there at the gate.”

He continued to talk about how he’s sick of being harassed by the police, as it is suspected that police have been called to his house at least five times already this year.