News 21 December 2016
Author: Benji

Christian rapper jailed for 18 years after hit & run on producer

Author Benji
21 December 2016

Christian rapper Ry Money, real name Ryan Salandy, has been sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for the second-degree murder of music producer William McDaniel.

Convicted last year, Salandy was pronounced guilty on Monday of staging a hit-and-run attack with his Saab at around 40 miles per hour, which ultimately killed the producer he was working on music with.

It is thought that a conflict occurred over CDs between the two, which culminated in the disastrous attack and murder. XXL report that Salandy allegedly paid the producer $300 to burn 150 CDs with his music on, however the negotiation did not come into Salandy’s desired fruition, with various witnesses overhearing the two musicians arguing.

Police found and arrested Salandy at his Mother’s home 30 minutes after she had called for the emergency services: “Yes, Hi. I just got a call from my son, he accidentally hit someone in Clarksburg. My son was speeding and the person jumped in front of the car,” she stated on the 911 call.

Salandy then admitted to custody that he deliberately hit 21-year-old McDaniel, with the judge, however, deciding that the 23-year-old did not intend to murder the producer, despite sentencing him to 18 years in jail.