Videos 25 January 2021
Author: Andra

Watch Chunkz, Darkest Man & Harry Pinero read mean comments

25 January 2021

Chunkz, Darkest and Harry Pinero have gathered for a new episode of Chunkz’s show to read the mean comments people leave about them on the internet, and the outcome is just hilarious.

Chunkz read out some of the funniest comments, which had all three of them in tears.

Even though he has lost 24 kgs in just six months, Chunkz is still the target of fat jokes. However, he doesn’t pay much attention to what people say about his weight.

HP and Darkest were made fun of for their hairlines as some people said that “HP’s hairline looks like Batman’s mask” and “Darkest looks like he uses sandpaper instead of shampoo.”

They didn’t miss the opportunity to make fun of each other on the matter and even ended up having a hilarious eight-bar clash, which was won by Darkest.

They promised a rap battle between HP and Darkest as soon as the video gets 12K likes, so make sure you take in the video above.