News 26 August 2020

Millions Of Pounds Worth Of Cocaine Found In Vegetables At Gatwick Airport

26 August 2020

More than £4 million worth of cocaine has been found hidden in vegetables at Gatwick Airport.

The class A drug was seized from three different flights from Kingston Jamaica.

On August 11, Border Force seized 22kg of cocaine with an estimated worth of £1.8 million while 30kg of cocaine worth £2.4 million was seized on August 18.

Both hauls were concealed within vegetables such as sweet potatoes, according to the Home Office.

GRM Daily

A week later (August 25), another 3kg of cocaine – with an estimated worth of £250,000 – was found suspended in liquid.

Gatwick’s National Crime Agency branch commander, Mark McCormack, said: “Working with our colleagues at Border Force, we are determined to do all we can to stop class A drugs reaching the streets of the UK, where they can cause so much damage.

“These seizures are an example of that in action, and our investigations are ongoing.”