News 14 November 2021

£33 million cocaine haul found hidden in onion rings shipment by UK Border Force

14 November 2021
cocaine onion rings

£33 million pounds worth of cocaine was found hidden in a shipment of onion rings earlier this week.

UK border officers made the discovery of the 418kg of cocaine concealed by the onion rings in a lorry that was making its way to Britain via France.

A man was arrested and charged with smuggling class A drugs and will appear in court in December.

Sky News reports that National Crime Agency branch commander Mark Howes said, “This was a really significant amount of drugs taken out of circulation. The seizure will deprive the organised crime group responsible for them of profit which would have fuelled more offending. Working with our partners such as Border Force we will continue to fight the Class A drugs threat in our mission to protect the public.”

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(Image Credit: Shutterstock/Lesya Dolyuk)