News 4 September 2016
Author: Seth P

Coffee could be extinct sooner than you think

4 September 2016

Global warming is slowly impacting all of our lives; however it is set to make a much bigger impact in the not too distant future.

Experts have said that by 2080 wild coffee is set to be completely wiped out. Aside from making Monday mornings that much more difficult, it will seriously damage many countries economies.

Coffee is the biggest export of several countries. 59% of Burundi’s export earnings are from coffee, followed by 33% in Ethiopia and 17% in Nicaragua.

As the coffee bean become scarcer consumers will see a steep rise in prices as farmers struggle to keep up with the demand.  

The shortage of coffee is said to be caused primarily by rising temperatures, pests and fungi. I

If we continue on our current trajectory of over-farming and don’t start to turn to sustainable measures to attempt to reverse the damage done by global warming, we could see coffee completely extinct by the end of the century.