News 22 March 2020
Author: Vince

Coronavirus Update: UK report more cases, India imposes curfew & Australia closes social venues

22 March 2020

As the Coronavirus continues to move throughout the world, even more restrictions are being put in place across the globe to contain and stop further spread of the virus.

The worldwide toll of cases is at 300,000 – with reports of 13,000 deaths and 92,000 recoveries.

The UK is warning the public that the virus is accelerating and that we must avoid social contact.

This follows the closure of pubs, cafes, gyms and leisure centres this weekend. Failure to comply could lead to stricter enforcement of social distancing and isolation.

After Italy reported 800 deaths on Saturday, further restrictions are being put in place. In the worst hit region of Lombard, sports and physical activity outside has been banned.

India is testing its preparedness for an outbreak by asking 1 billion people to observe a 14-hour curfew for a trial run. The prime minister urged the general public to stay indoors and “help make the fight against Corona a success.”

Australia is joining a host of countries to close social venues like pub, clubs, cinemas casinos and places of worship as more countries prepare to take the same steps.