News 16 February 2021

Coronavirus: Every Adult Could Receive Both Doses Of Vaccine By August

16 February 2021

The head of the UK’s vaccine task force has stated that every adult in the UK could receive both doses of a coronavirus vaccine by August or September, “or maybe sooner if we need to”.

Speaking to Sky News, Clive Dix – who runs the body which identifies and buys vaccines on behalf of the UK government – said he is certain there will be no supply issues.

“We are confident within the vaccine taskforce now that the supply we’re going to get will take to us to a position where we can vaccinate as many people as the UK wants to vaccinate,” Dix said.

When asked about adults receiving two jabs, Dix said: “We’re probably talking August time or September time all done, maybe sooner if we need to.”

Dix also said new jabs could be created within 60 days if new variants are discovered in the near future.

Dix’s comments come as more than 15 million individuals have had a coronavirus vaccine so far, with the UK government saying a vaccination has now been given to all in the top four priority categories. 

The next goal is to deliver a vaccine to all the remaining five priority categories by the end of April, and then to cover all remaining adults in the UK by autumn time.