News 19 April 2023

This council estate has an ancient secret

19 April 2023

Many council estates up and down the country have local quirks and legends but this one may have the most surprising one yet.

An ancient and mysterious megalith, which is as old as the Stonehenge or the Pyramids, is situated in an estate in a cul-de-sac on Ravenswood Avenue, Edinburgh.

The single megalith, made from grey sandstone, is almost 7ft tall and is a large stone that was used to construct prehistoric structures or monuments.

The historic relic is surrounded by railings to protect it from vandalism. Despite its significant age, it remains unknown as to why the stone was placed there.

The megalith was left untouched until the early 1800s when it was moved to facilitate road widening. It was then moved again in the 1960s when a new housing estate was being developed and now stands approximately 100 metres from its original site.

“The monument is of national importance as an icon of prehistoric ritual, albeit in a modern urban setting,” said a spokesman for Historic Environment Scotland.

“Although the stone no longer has any archaeological potential, it is a monument with cultural significance, capable of speaking to a modern urban population and worthy of legal protection in its present setting.”

The megalith is one of several found in the area and is a scheduled monument.

[Image via Google Street View]