News 24 October 2021
Author: Oli Knight

Relaxed COVID-19 travel rules see lateral flow tests replace PCRs

24 October 2021

Despite the move to relative normality over the last few months regarding day-to-day restrictions, travel regulations have remained something of an enigma.

Complicated and frankly extortionate rules mandating multiplex PCR tests have left travellers confused and often annoyed. Following this backlash from both consumers and members of the travel industry, the government has chosen to relax restrictions.

These new regulations allow fully vaccinated holidaymakers to take lateral flow tests instead of PCRs. This primarily helps the consumer, ensuring that travel becomes cheaper and less hassle.

The government has stressed that these lateral flows must be purchased from a private provider, as opposed to ones provided by the NHS. As a result, travellers will have to shell out between £19 to £39 on individual tests.

Hopefully, this contributes to the resurrection of the travel industry and makes it easier for everyday people to travel. Whilst these restrictions still cost money and time, they do so to a lesser extent. This may be a small victory, but at least things are moving in the right direction.