News 30 November 2016

Did Craig David die years ago & get replaced by an imposter?!

30 November 2016

The 35-year-old dismissed a hilarious conspiracy theory during a appearance on the It’s All Connected podcast.

Claims online have suggested that the “real” Craig David was killed in 2002 after the release of his second album Slicker Than Your Average.

After several years away from the scene, the singer returned in 2015 with a more musculature physique that left his fans wondering if he was the same man. The simple explanation could of course be that Craig has aged and has become familiar with the gym.

When asked, during the podcast, about the rumours of a possible body double, the “When The Bass Line Drops” singer joked, “That could well be the case, you never know what the deal is.

“That stunt double is coming through well. It’s almost like being reborn. 
He took the baton and he’s like: ‘OK great. Cool, that was nice what you did on Born To Do It and Slicker Than Your Average was nice. Let me take that baton from you.'”

He added, “I’m very on the periphery when it comes to conspiracy theories. I feel there’s a lot of nonsense going on.”

Craig is currently enjoying a career renaissance and his latest album
Following My Intuition went straight to number one in the UK, following a string of successful singles.

In March next year, he will begin his arena tour, starting in Cardiff.