News 15 June 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

90’s kids rejoice! ‘Crash Bandicoot’ to be remastered for PS4

Author Marisa Lee
15 June 2016

Prepare for heavy waves of nostalgia! At this year’s E3 convention, Sony confirmed that the old ‘Crash Bandicoot’ games are going to be remastered for PS4 as part of a partnership with Activision.

The release will see ‘Crash Bandicoot’, ‘CB 2: Cortex Strikes Back’, and ‘CB: Warped’ are all set to get a modern re-vamp.

As well as this news, there was another announcement, that Crash will be an exclusive character in the PlayStation 4 version of ‘Skylanders: Imaginators’.

It is set to be a great time for 90’s babies, as the shows, games and just about everything in between that we care about from that time are set to be rebooted.

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