News 6 January 2020
Author: Courtney W

Petition Created To Give Crazy Titch A Fair Trial In Court

6 January 2020

A petition has been started to give rapper Crazy Titch a fair trial in court.

Crazy Titch – real name Carl Dobson – was convicted of murder in 2006 but a new petition on states the artist’s conviction came about because of a “combination of injustices”.

The petition, which has currently gained over 300 signatures, lists injustices such as “character assassination, joint enterprise law, police failings, and believes that as a result of this, Dobson’s conviction should be reviewed.

Crazy Titch emerged as an MC in the early noughties, making waves in the grime scene with many other pioneers. However, his music career was cut short due to his conviction in 2006.

Criminal defence firm Commons has also been working with the #Justice4Titch campaign for the past eighteen months to present new evidence regarding the case to the Criminal Case Review Commission.

Click here for more information on the campaign and the case.