News 29 January 2021

Creator Of Popular Indomie ‘Mi Goreng’ Noodle Dies Aged 59

29 January 2021

Tributes are being paid to Nunuk Nuraini, the woman behind the popular ‘Mi goreng’ flavour of Indomie instant noodle, after she sadly passed away at the age of 59.

She died on January 27, 2021, with her cause of death not being disclosed.

Nunuk worked as a flavour development manager at the Indonesian brand for nearly 30 years, with many naming her an “icon” in the culinary world.

Her passing is being mourned by thousands of fans worldwide, who have taken to social media to thank her for her “legacy”.

In recent years, Indomie has become a noodle-favourite globally, with the brand finding popularity across Australia and Nigeria, as well as South East Asia.

‘Mi goreng’ wasn’t the only flavour Nunuk created, as she was also responsible for Soto, Rendang, Chicken Curry and Sambal and Matah.

Our thoughts are with Nunuk’s loved ones during this time.