Crep Check 18 March 2015
Author: Caroline SM

Crep Protect launch brand new Crep Wipes… yes, we all need them #CREPCHECK

Author Caroline SM
18 March 2015

Already one of the most innovative and useful products to hit the market, rain and stain protection spray company Crep Protect has announced the launch of their latest product, Crep Wipes.

The ultimate shoe cleaning accessory for any discerning sneakerhead or shoe wearer, the travel size wipe is perfect for those unexpected splashes or marks when on the move. Suitable for use on leather, canvas, nylon, vinyl and more, Crep Wipes come individually packed and can be stored in your bag, wallet or pocket. Double sided, the plain side of the wipe can be used for general cleaning and the textured side is ideal for those more stubborn stains.

They will be available in selected stores (JD Sports, Footasylum, Size? and Urban Outfitters) from March 11th.

To celebrate this they held a launch at the FarRockaway in Shoreditch, an event attended by some of the UK’s most well known faces from Londons sneaker scene, British athletics, film and music, showcasing the product for the first time. The wipes are sure to be an essential for anyone on the go.
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