News 10 February 2022

Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick Resigns

10 February 2022
cressida dick resigns

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick has resigned, it has been announced today.

In a statement shared on social media and with news outlets, Dick said: “It is with huge sadness that following contact with the Mayor of London it is clear that he no longer has sufficient confidence in my leadership of the Met to continue. He has left me no choice but to step aside as Commissioner.

“At his request, I have agreed to stay on for a short period to ensure the stability of the Met
and its leadership while arrangements are made for a transition to a new Commissioner. Undertaking this role as a servant of the people of London and the UK has been the greatest honour and privilege of my life.

“Thank you to everyone in the Met and those who work with us for the extraordinary efforts
you make each and every day. The public depend on you, for your professionalism, courage, compassion and integrity. You make a huge difference to people’s lives every day. I salute you.”

The move comes after the Met received criticism after the police watchdog published text messages sent by police officers that contained racist, sexist and homophobic offensive language.

Calls for Cressida Dick to resign were also heard during the Sarah Everard case.

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