News 30 January 2022

Crystal Palace Become First Team To Open A Support Centre For Players Released From The Academy

30 January 2022
crystal palace

Crystal Palace Academy has laid out their new extensive after care programme for the 18-23 players who are released from the club.

A Player Care Officer will keep in contact with the released individuals and will support them with finding new opportunities such as a new club, a job or an education programme.

In a statement, club chairman Steve Parish said:  “The Academy’s primary role is of course to ultimately produce footballers for the club’s first team, but we have a duty and moral obligation to nurture and guide all the 200+ players within our care.

“The Academy experience is a truly enriching one for our young players, where they will obviously develop as footballers, but also as young men, being taught a range of hugely beneficial life skills.

“We provide an outstanding education provision for those in our full-time care and hybrid education programmes, which will broaden all players’ options in the future.

“But we recognise that when an older Academy player is released, it may feel like the end of the world for that young man, and we must do our utmost to offer support to affected players through that process and guide them with the next stage of their journey.

“That typically begins with us providing introductions to new clubs or continuing to include the players in matches to enable other clubs to watch them play.

“But it may also be about helping them continue their education or begin a life outside of football in the workplace. Whatever their path is, we want to offer our support to them to help them achieve success.”

The move from Crystal Palace has been supported by many and acts as a proactive step in supporting the mental health of young men in football.  

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