News 12 May 2017
Author: Rebecca Rose

A massive cyber attack has shut down the NHS systems

12 May 2017

NHS computer systems have been hacked by an unknown source, with the cyber criminals demanding 300 bitcoins or £415,000 to give back control of the systems. The hack has hit 16 known NHS organisations so far, with not only the NHS being affected.  

James Turner, a spoksesperson for the trust has stated, “We are currently dealing with a suspected cyber-attack which has resulted in a shutdown of a number of our IT systems. We have implemented our contingency plans and we continue to provide services in A& E and essential services elsewhere.

“We do ask that patients only use A&E in an emergency and to contact NHS 11 for non-urgent advice. In order to ensure we maintain quality and patient safety, we have had to cancel a number of Out Patient appointments and are operating a limited radiology service.

“We apologise to patients. We are working hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

Staff were alerted of the hack by an error message popping up on their screens as pictured below. The hack poses a real danger to human lives as it has been claimed no x-rays, blood tests, phones or patient notes are available. No comment has yet to be made on whether patient files have been obtained.

 GRM Daily

Questions are now being raised about the existing security the NHS has in place to defer such ransomware attacks as well as what organisation would purposefully endanger human life in this way. With this situation only just developing, check back for updates at GRM Daily.