News 13 October 2019

This man used a 3D printer to build a Lamborghini

13 October 2019

An American father is sure to have earned himself a massive Father’s Day present come June after building his son a fully drivable Lamborghini Aventador using a 3D printer.
Sterling Backus from Colorado noticed his son’s adoration for the luxury car after observing him playing the racing video game Forza.
The scientist then used hours of manpower, the panel layout taken from a design website and over £15,000 of materials to build the car which includes a hand-built steel chassis and an engine taken from a Corvette.
Sterling wrapped carbon fibre around the 3D plastic to prevent melting and heat damage and the finished product can be seen in the below video.
On the project, Sterling Backus said, “The intent is to take the car to local schools to show kids how cool technology can be”.
It was not revealed how many hours in total went into building the car but the construction of the front brake alone took 52 hours.
Check out the fully functional Lamborghini Aventador built using a 3D printer in action below and for more news on innovative inventions, click here to read about YSL’s latest market offering.