News Videos 30 June 2017
Author: Rebecca Rose

Check out Korean Grime artist Damndef’s new release

30 June 2017

As grime’s influence spreads, the number of artists from outside the UK who are releasing tracks of the genre is steadily growing.

South Korean artist Damndef has just released a remix to his tune “Do It”, the original of which hit the internet back in January.

This time, Damndef has collaborated with
Korean MC Moldy alongside J-mal from the UK and Catarrh Nisin from Japan. The video is set in Seoul, Korea then switching locations to London and then on to Kobe in Japan. Luckily, the video is subtitled however there are snippets of English bars amongst the Korean. 

Whatever your take on international grime there is no doubting that the
energy and passion in the bars translate, even if the all of the language does not.  

Check the video above and for more on grime’s influence worldwide, read last year’s interview with Japanese grime dons Pakin and
DJ Sakana here.