Videos 26 April 2021
Author: Andra

Damson Idris opens up about his role in ‘Snowfall’ in fresh interview with Big Boy

26 April 2021

Snowfall star Damson Idris joined Big Boy’s Neighborhood for a chat about his role and the challenges he had to overcome when he became Franklin Saint, the young drug kingpin from LA. 

Damson Idris tells Big Boy that he was on his “last piece of change” when he flew to the US to audition.

Before he got the part, however, he had to meet John Singleton and play Franklin for a whole day whilst rolling with him in South Central in order to convince him as Singleton was wary of his British accent. 

Singleton not only tested Idris’ ability to act like a drug dealer, but also took him to a park, introduced him to certain dealers and then disappeared, leaving Idris to figure out how to be Franklin in real life. 

Fast forward to today, Damson Idris has played Franklin for four seasons already and has just confirmed that a fifth season is on the way. 

Check out the video above.