News 14 March 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

‘Get Out’ star Daniel Kaluuya shouted out these UK rappers

14 March 2017

Daniel Kaluuya has been a regular fixture on our TV screens in Britain over the years, appearing on shows like Skins and Black Mirror, but his latest movie is set to cement him as a household name.

He’s the lead role in American comedian Jordan Peele’s film Get Out, which has been released across the pond to a huge box office success and critical acclaim.

Naturally, Kaluuya has been doing the press runs in support of the film across a whole range of platforms, but it’s good to see in one interview he hasn’t forgotten his London roots.

In a recent interview with GQ, the actor rallied off some familiar names that he has been listening to recently. He said, “I’m listening to Stormzy’s new album.

“J Hus is amazing, Giggs is tough… Raleigh Ritchie, a lot of UK music. I think it’s a really exciting place right now. Donae’O has a song, “Black”, with Jme and Dizzee Rascal, that’s an anthem.”

This follows a week of defending criticism from none other than Samuel L Jackson, who called out Daniel Kaluuya and black British actors. Catch up on that story right here.