News 9 July 2019
Author: Olivia West

Daniel Sturridge Is Offering Mad Amount Of Money For The Return of His Stolen Dog

Author Olivia West
9 July 2019

Former Liverpool FC striker Daniel Sturridge has made a moving plea today on Instagram following the burglary at his US home that saw his dog being stolen.

The ex-footballer posted to Instagram stating he will “pay anything” for the whereabouts of his beloved dog, Lucci.

Sturridge said: “Somebody has broken in the house in LA and took my dog from the house. Listen, whoever knows who broke into my crib, I’ll pay you anything”.

He went on to claim that he would pay £20,000 – £30,000 for the safe return of his dog. The adorable Pomeranian pooch features on Sturridge’s socials regularly as the ex-striker frequently flaunts his pup. Lucci himself has over 26,000 followers on his own Instagram page.

Many of his fans are outraged by the robbery, particularly the taking of his dog. One said “who would be that crazy to steal someone’s dog? There are some disgusting people in this world”. Another wrote that he and Lucci are in his prayers.

It has not been officially stated whether the issue has been reported to the police, however, Sturridge has released footage from his CCTV showing the burglars breaking the glass door into his home. 

By Liv West