News 11 May 2017
Author: Alex Griffin

Dappy has been arrested over knife incident involving woman

11 May 2017

Dappy has been arrested and remain in custody, after police were called following a knife incident outside his home in Hatfield.

He allegedly threatened a woman in an altercation and was carrying a knife, before four students came to her aid.

Hertfordshire Police said, “The man threatened the woman before leaving the scene. It is believed he had a knife. No one was seriously injured.

“A 29-year-old man was arrested in the local area around 6pm on suspicion of assault ABH and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place. He has been taken to custody for questioning. He remains in custody at this time.”

Onlookers have already given statements to BBC about the incident and it’s not sounding good for Dappy.

One said, “There was an incident, a guy and a woman. Three or four students came to her aid. I got that information from one of the students involved in it – he was standing outside and he explained what had happened.

“Ten police cars turned up outside and they were out there for getting on a hour. At one point there were three or four armed policemen standing at the door with one of them shouting instructions through the open door. One went in with two backing him up and one on the driveway was crouching behind a car.”

We will be sure to update you with more information when we have it.