News 19 June 2021

Dappy saves a man’s life by talking him down from Tower Bridge

19 June 2021

Dappy helped to save a man’s life by talking him down from London’s Tower Bridge.

According to The Sun, the critically acclaimed artist was filming a music video nearby when he saw ambulances and police cars in the area who were tending to a 27-year-old man.

The man was reportedly a fan of the star and Dappy asked the police to let him help.

A source told the publication, “Dappy was filming his new music video around Tower Bridge, but saw loads of police cars and ambulances dotted around. The bridge got closed off, and police asked him to leave the area. 

“As he was walking away, Dappy heard this young guy shouting his name and waving frantically as he was perched precariously in an arch directly over the Thames.

“They spent about ten minutes talking, and Dappy was amazing. He told him life was beautiful, and that things would get better basically.

“As a result, the guy let medics climb up and help get him off.”

Confirming the reports, Dappy’s partner Imani Campbell said on Instagram, “‘I truly believe the universe sent us to that bridge so Daps could save this young man’s life. 

“As soon as he recognised Daps his whole demeanour changed, we saw hope appear in his eyes.

“Daps told him his life is precious and that he loves him… he talked him off the bridge… the man and his family reached out and he is alive and well.”

Via his Instagram Story, Dappy told his followers, “Like I said, as long as I can help even just two people a week, I’m happy.”

If you are in need of help or advice, contact the Samaritans.

(Image Credit: Dappy via Instagram)