Videos 12 April 2021
Author: Courtney W

Elf (Elf Kid) Joins Darkness On Drill-Infused Bop “Text Me”

12 April 2021

East London producer Darkness has returned with a new single entitled “Text Me” featuring Elf (formerly known as Elf Kid).

Towards the end of last year, Elf made his long-awaited return to music with his “ZDot Freestyle” and it looks like he’s been cooking up quite a bit as “Text Me” is one of the tracks which has materialised from his sessions with Darkness in the past few months.

The collab from the pair borrows elements from drill and Elf is able to balance out the hard-hitting feel of Darkness’ production with his affectionate lyrics.

“Making “Text Me“ was literally something me & Darkness came up with in the studio just doing our thing,” Elf said of the tune. “It was more about linking a girl I care about and hoping she would text me when she got home after we spent time together.”

He added: “The conversation on protecting women just opened my eyes a little bit more on how women feel about travelling at any time, anywhere and not feeling safe. Us men have to be much more understanding in how to act and move around women in general. I think “Text Me“ is a worldwide banger, it’s dedicated to all the women we care about in our lives.”

Take in “Text Me” above.