Videos 19 September 2021
Author: Vince

Dbo, Niks & Bt Go Back To Back For The Latest Episode Of ‘The Cold Room’

19 September 2021

Irish drill artists Dbo, Nikz and BT come through with a back to back in the latest episode of The Cold Room.

The A92 rappers display their lyrical ability and dynamic vibe for this one. The freestyle is lively and animated which is to be expected from this lineup. All three artists complement each other in individual ways, whilst simultaneously matching each others energy.

Each of the artists brings the same level of energy you would get from a music video to this performance – delivering a skilful and entertaining freestyle and showcasing their variety of sounds.

DBO burst into his verse with his bellowing bass and strong cadence sitting perfectly on the Tweeko beat. BT brings animation and energy with his performance, whilst Nikz’ vocal delivery elevates the energy even further.

The A92 have an incredible work rate at the moment and this freestyle is another shining example of the incredible talent coming out of the outfit.

Watch the freestyle above.