News 3 September 2019
Author: Priya Faith

DC Comics Allegedly Set To Introduce Black Batman In 2020

Author Priya Faith
3 September 2019

According to a report citing the inside information from “a number of prominent sources,” 2020 may mark the year DC Comics give readers a black Batman.

Yesterday, Rich Johnston of 
Bleeding Cool revealed that the idea of black Batman was a hot discussion topic at several comic book shows that took place over the weekend.

He went on to say that black Batman wouldn’t be a reimagined Bruce Wayne donning a cape, rather, DC creating another character.

The report went on to reveal that the new Batman won’t be Duke Thomas who first made an appearance in the comics back in 2013. Johnson also said that “there are a number of characters in the Batbooks who could be well-placed, aside from Duke to take the role.”

While the details are currently very vague, Marvel Comics have previously given fans a black/Latino Spider-Man with Miles Morales as well as Sam Wilson taking on the role of Captain America in 
Avengers: Endgame. So, it seems as though DC Comics may be heading in a similar direction with Batman.