News 21 March 2016
Author: Marisa Lee

Dealer on Periscope shows us “prison is fun”

Author Marisa Lee
21 March 2016

Cleon Davis, jailed for three years and nine months for dealing heroin and cocaine, has been using Periscope to stream his life in Rochester Prison in Kent.

Davis’ show included tours of the prison showing cells with TVs and stereos, pranks being pulled on inmates and inmates smoking and chilling.

In one stream he is laughing about “bag and tag” attacks where inmates are wrapped in duvets and thrown in the shower, before filming another inmate being caught in the prank.

GRM Daily

According to The Sun, when someone watching the stream asked how life in jail was, Davis said, “The man is living good, trust me. Jail is fun.”.

He also said, “[the guards] can’t hear me, and even if they could I wouldn’t give a fuck. They can’t see me so they don’t know what I’m doing.”

The Ministry of Justice is keen to ruin the party though and has reported Davis to the police. Because transmitting images from inside a prison is a criminal offence, the Periscope star could have two years added to his sentence.

A ministry spokesperson said, “This is totally unacceptable behaviour. As soon as this information was shared with us, we conducted a search of this offender’s cell and reported him to the police for investigation.”

“We do not tolerate the use of social media by prisoners and have urged Twitter to shut down the account in question as soon as possible.”

Weirdly, Davis has previously been on screen when he featured on a BBC Three show ‘Little Shopping Horrors’ in 2006, which saw his mum take him to a psychotherapist to try to help him get over his excessive use of his Playstation.