News 12 February 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

This major British store is going to start selling hijabs

Author Trudy Barry
12 February 2017

Debenhams is making bold moves in the wake of anti-Islamic actions happening throughout the world.

The British retail giant has announced that it will start selling hijabs as part of a new Muslim clothing range. The department store chain is linking with conservative clothing specialists Aab to create the collection. The range will include tops, dresses, jumpsuits, kimono wraps, caps, hijab pins and headscarves.

The hijabs will be available in a selection of stores throughout the country, starting with their flagship Oxford Street location then widening to Shepherds Bush, Birmingham, Leicester and Manchester.

The collection will also be available at the retailer’s overseas stores including Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iran, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The founder of Aab, Nazmin Alim said, “We started Aab almost a decade ago as a label that redefined modest fashion and one that caters for everyday modern wardrobe staples. The partnership with Debenhams opens up some very exciting opportunities for us.”

Last year Marks and Spencer began selling Burkinis, a swimwear garment appropriate for Muslim women, but this is the first time a British high street store is providing an entire collection of Muslim clothing.