Videos 14 November 2016
Author: Trudy Barry

This is where the “Who What Where” meme that’s taking over the net came from

Author Trudy Barry
14 November 2016

Devs has dropped an absolutely mad freestyle on the newest edition of BL@CKBOX.

This is a track that’s bound to split opinion – you’re either going to be impressed by the speed of alliteration or think man’s lost it.

The pars are popping off in the youtube comments with one joker reckoning Devs’ bars are reminiscent of “when you’re under the word count and your essay is due in an hour.”

Regardless of your opinion of the hook, Devs’ lyrical flow and control is undeniable. You’re only gonna come out of this vid asking one questions: “Who what what where?”

The internet has already gone to town with the freestyle, with his refrain getting the thorough meme treatment.