News 19 December 2016
Author: Alex Griffin

GRM Exclusive: London MC Deecee signs to American label

19 December 2016

Grime and its worldwide relevance has never been this strong, but history has been made once again this week, as we’ve got some exclusive news.

DeeCee, the Lewisham born donny and former member of grime crew The Square, is the first London MC in history to sign to an American label.

He put his signature on the dotted line of a contract from independent, Dallas based label DEFDISCO, who already represent such artists Public Enemy and Kasabian.

The seventeen year old told us, “I didn’t even know that people in America were looking at the YouTube video until I heard from Paul [founder of DEFDISCO], which was a surprise to say the least.

“I’ve been serious about my music since the age of 14, so the fact that people are listening to my music, especially in the USA and that they want to invest in me is obviously great,” DeeCee continued.

His first release on the label is due out in 2017, and while details are still scarce, he’s been in the studio with Sheffield-based producers Sticky Blood.

He finished, “From a young age I was listening to Grime and loved the energetic drum roll. I still hear Dizzee (Rascal) or Lethal (Bizzle) and get waves of nostalgia. I was very young, but I loved it.

“You know, today there are more MCs and the sound has changed as technology improves. There are better sounds and instrumentals and obviously more opportunities.

“Grime has grown just like hip-hop did and is spreading and becoming relevant outside its birthplace of London, I’m hoping that through my label there are exciting collaborations with Dallas producers and artists in the future too.”