News 10 August 2020
Author: Courtney W

Is A New Def Jam Video Game On The Way?

10 August 2020

It’s been 17 years since Def Jam entered the gaming industry with Vendetta and now it looks like another Def Jam game could be on the way.

A brand-new game from the record label was hinted at by the official Def Jam Twitter account.

Def Jam Recordings initially tweeted “The streets saying we need a new Def Jam game”, which was followed by “Once our twitter hits 1M, we have a special announcement for y’all” alongside the gaming emoji.

While details of Def Jam’s upcoming announcement are slim, it looks as if the record label is gearing up to announce a new game.

The Def Jam label isn’t new to the gaming world, having dropped Def Jam: Vendetta, Def Jam: Fight For New York and Def Jam: Icon back in the noughties. The Def Jam games combined hip-hop and wrestling and allowed gamers to fight as and against their favourite rappers including Snoop Dogg, Sean Paul, Ludacris and more.

If a new Def Jam game is on the way, we can expect to see a number of appearances from more contemporary artists but the question is, who would you like to fight with or against?