News 27 August 2015
Author: Elle SM

Desperados City Hack teams go head to head in their second city challenge!

Author Elle SM
27 August 2015

Desperados have challenged 3 teams of creative mavericks to take on challenges in their cities, judged by Desperados and the four industry mentors.

The creative teams from Bristol, London and Manchester have been set the tasks to bravely overcome perceived limitations and conventions and get their cities (and eventually the whole of the UK) to sit up and take notice.

During the extent of the competition each team will face multiple challenges to prove they’re the most able to complete these and take over their city!


Each team (London, Manchester & Bristol) was challenged by the mentors to make people aware of who they are ahead of the Desperados Red Party, taking place this Thursday 27th August, in each city.

As well as creating a name and giving themselves a visual ID, the teams most important challenge was to create a stunt their city had never seen before and get everyone talking!


Name: The Big Smoke

Made red smoke come out of the Truman Brewery– the first time smoke has come out of there since the Brewery stopped brewing!
Put on a DJ set in Brick Lane & gave out samples of Desperados
Put on a radio show
Created flyers for their Red Party featuring performances from P Money, Plastician & Jammz (sign up HERE!)


Name: Shifted Spaces

Held a boat party on a landmark ship!
(Sign up for Shifted Spaces Red Party HERE!)


Name:Rain City Movement


Drove an AdVan around the city
Put on a wild party!
(Register for your tickets to Rain City Movement’s Free outdoor Drum & Bass Block party HERE!)

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