News 22 May 2020

Digga D Has Been Released From Prison

22 May 2020

After being arrested at the start of 2019, Digga D has now been released from prison.

The rapper announced his release by sharing a photo on Snapchat.

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Looks like Digga D is fresh home. Who do you want to see him collab with now he’s free? @pyrexliving

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Prior to spending time behind bars, Digga D had been making waves in the drill scenes by releasing big tracks such as “No Diet”, which even caught the attention of Hollywood star Zac Efron.

Days after the release of his project Doubler Tap Diaries, Digga D hinted at being incarcerated by asking fans to write to him in prison. However, it appears as if he’s now free so we can expect him to resume his steady output of material in the near future.