News 12 August 2021

Dips & Lo-Wu Release Refreshing Debut Mixtape ‘Idle Hands’ With Lex Amor, Mundu & More

12 August 2021

South London duo Dips & Lo-Wu have gifted us with their first ever mixtape, Idle Hands.

Having started the mixtape’s earliest tracks in 2018, rapper Dips & producer Lo-Wu have been able to establish an artistic chemistry since then and this tape is an exhibition of their seamless partnership.

Idle Hands houses ten tracks which tap into genres such as grime (“Trip”), garage (“BSL”, “Queen Of Hearts”) drill (“The Ride II”) and alt-rap (“Concrete”).

Joining Dips & Lo-Wu on the project are the likes of Lex Amor, Moses Day, The Melman and Mundu, who all assist the pair in bringing a breath of fresh air to the scene.

“Growing up it felt like we all had idle hands and the whole ends was the devil’s workshop,” Lo-Wu says of the mixtape’s title and themes. “Fortunately for Dips and I, it was our love of music that kept us grounded.

He addeD: “We have very similar experiences and stories as two young men from Nigerian backgrounds coming from humble beginnings, grinding to make ends meet, chasing girls, often getting up to no good but ultimately striving for success.”

Take in Idle Hands in full below!