News 15 June 2017
Author: Trudy Barry

Is DIzzee Rascal dropping a grime album today?

Author Trudy Barry
15 June 2017

The rumour mill has been popping recently, since a guerilla marketing campaign got people thinking a new Dizzee Rascal album may be on the horizon.

What’s more, it’s thought that the album may be 100% grime, despite many thinking that Dizzee’s grime days were over.

The Wiley v Dizzee beef has already been reignited with Wiley sending out tweets aimed at his fellow Bow boy saying he “will go ham” if his name is mentioned.

Some of the posters have featured the numbers “727548” which some have clocked would spell out “Raskit” if you punched those digits into an old Nokia 3310 with predictive on. That’s some meta advertising for only the most hardcore fans.

Now Dizzee has tweeted a link to a website entitled and the time 2pm. When you click on the link it brings you to a page featuring his trademark yellow and a flickering video of him as a kid. Many are believing that this means the album will be arriving in just three hours.

Watch this space.