News 15 June 2016
Author: Sam

Dizzee Rascal reacts to Wiley’s claims over beef

Author Sam
15 June 2016

With many looking forward to seeing Dizzee Rascal and Wiley performing on the same stage at a Bedford Park show on August 5th, the pair’s long-running history has been brought back into the limelight.

Wiley himself seemed to add fuel to the fire that the two were reconciling. He retweeted many people’s hopes that there would be some form of reunion, and tweeted this:


It was noticeable at the time, however, that Dizzee kept quiet on any hype surrounding the event.

In the meantime, Wiley gave an interview to TimeOut, in which he claimed that the animosity from his fellow grime pioneer was down to the fact that he had a part to play in Dizzee being stabbed in Ayia Napa.

It seems Dizzee took offence at the interview, and headed to Twitter this morning to accuse Wiley’s story of manipulating the truth in order to promote Culture Clash.


Wiley’s tweet in the immediate aftermath of Diz’s reaction also seems relevant.

Dizzee has since clarified that no such “reunion” is going to happen. He and Wiley are simply sharing the same bill. While it was exciting to see two of our favourites seemingly get along again, some things just aren’t meant to be.

Words: @sjriptweets