News 28 May 2016
Author: Sam

Stop everything! Dizzee Rascal and Wiley to perform at the same show

Author Sam
28 May 2016

Dizzee and Wiley, the estranged partners of such importance to grime (aka without them it probably would not be a thing), are set to perform on the same stage this August.

The Bedford Park Series of concerts taking place in (two twos now) Bedford Park, Bedford, will be playing host to Dizzee Rascal on 5th August. His support line-up includes Ms Dynamite, Kurupt FM, Jaguar Skills, oh and Wiley.

GRM Daily

While, thus far, there has been no confirmation they will perform together, surely, SURELY *praying hands emoji* with them both being there, on the same day, and with Dizzee having recently performed ‘Boy In Da Corner’ in the states, we can hope to see Wiley come out for a rendition of “2 Far”.

If you’ve forgotten that banger, then here you go..

“I’m the fitness instructor!”

Since collaborating on radio sets, live shows and BITC back in the days, Wiley and DIzzee’s careers have gone in different directions, with a degree of animosity between them. While the reasons for that are still unclear to this day, it has denied grime of the collaboration that everyone wants to hear.

Anyway, the past is the past. Could this be the start of something? Many will be hoping so, with the initial Twitter reaction to the announcement capturing the anticipation.

The Bedford park show could be something historic, one of these moments…

Let’s hope for something similar on August 5th.

Tickets for the show are available here.

Words: @sjriptweets