Videos 20 September 2021
Author: Aaron Adade

Dj Ironik Sits Down With ‘Big Ego Media’ For An Eye-Opening Interview

20 September 2021

On this episode of the Big Ego Media podcast, DJ Ironik makes an appearance to take a look back at his career. He discusses various topics, from how he got into music, his Channel U days, and his unfortunate stabbing.

His mum and stepdad had a massive influence on him getting into music. He toured with So Solid Crew at the age of 16 and from there, he was hooked and never looked back.

Ironically he only got into producing because he had a bike accident and had to stay at home for a while. With nothing to do, his mum got him a music game about making beats. After taking to that quickly, it was only natural for him to want to get into producing more.

He produced for the likes of Black the Ripper, Chip, and Wiley. After seeing all the love artists got when they were outside, it pushed DJ Ironik to make his final transition into becoming an artist. DJ Ironik experienced a lot of highs in his career – he made top 10 hits, worked with the legendary Elton John, and became a household name in the UK music scene.

With most highs come the lows had he sadly had to experience that too. Being young and naive, he mentions how he recklessly wasted a bunch of money and he also talks about his traumatic experience of getting stabbed one Halloween night.

After enduring all of this, he decided to take a break from music for a while.

This interview gives you an insight into the pioneer DJ Ironik that you’ve never seen before, salute to Big Ego Media for it.

Make sure you check out the full interview above.