Interviews News Videos 17 February 2017
Author: Trudy Barry


Author Trudy Barry
17 February 2017

Target is continuing his stream of Tuesday night grime conversations with the OG’s of the game. He’s already chatted to Ghetts, Lethal Bizzle, Megaman and Devlin and this week he’s got another heavy hitter from early, P Money.

The man is an OG, he christened himself that back in the day and he lived up to the name. After finally releasing his first album Live + Direct last year the man is just going from strength to strength and rightly so.

It makes sense then that Target has chosen P Money to take a place in the hot seat and chat deep about his journey in the music industry from starting out, to clashes on radio and dropping project after project.

Below are five of GRM’s highlights from the clip, check them out then watch the full interview above.

Watching school assemblies inspired

P Money “wasn’t shy but was quiet” back in his school days. He wanted his voice to be heard and it was school assemblies that caught his attention. “Whenever the teacher stood up and spoke on the mic everyone listened”. Target agrees that the teacher/mic combo is a good one, adding “this guy’s got assembly shut down.”

For the first few years he was a bedroom MC

Apparently, P Money was writing bars for years before he ever spit in front of anyone. No one knew he was doing it, not even his closest friends. “It weren’t until someone tried to clash Kenzie at school that I went in and sprayed a lyric” the rest is history.

Live + Direct is his first album, but 13th project

Despite only dropping his first studio album relatively recently, P Money has been a huge name of the scene for a very long time. “You’ve been prolific over the years” Target reminds us, saying that throughout EPs, mixtapes and more, there has been a staggering 13 P Money projects to date.

Radio trained him

When people say “you’ve got an hour set how you going to do that” P Money simply kisses his teeth and replies “that’s nothing”. Those old school radio days were a training ground for technique, lyrics and flow.

The story behind the epic Ghetts beef

“At first he was bigging me up,” P Money tells Target, according to him he then started to hear rumours that Ghetts wanted to “shut that down”.

The battles started one night on radio. Skepta said a bar and then P Money decided to step in. It’s a whole saga from that point. Pree the vid for the rest of that story…

Target is going in on these guests right now, we cannot wait to see who pops up next.